• Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the questions we get often.
    If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

    What is Grantpa?

    Grantpa, an acronym for Grants for Professional Artists, is a centralized platform that helps artists and organizations find and apply for grants they are eligible for.

    What type of artists does Grantpa help?

    Grantpa is aimed to help all artist of different backgrounds, including musicians, dancers, theater professionals, visual artists, writers, film/video artists, and more.

    Who is Grantpa for?

    Grantpa is for all individuals and organizations around the world. If you are an individual artist, then Grantpa is for you. There are thousands of grants and opportunities out there. Don’t let the intimidating and competitive nature of the process hold you back. Get yourself out there and apply for grants now!

    How do I apply for a grant?

    Grants vary in disciplines, deadlines, award amount, eligibility criteria, and more. To apply for a grant, first the applicant must be eligible to apply (Grantpa tests that automatically for you), then the application form must be completed and submitted before the deadline.

    How do I find a grant?

    Once you complete your profile, our system will be able to match you with relevant grants that you are eligible for.

    How will you share my personal information?

    Your personal information will NEVER be shared without your permission.

    What if I don't find a project?

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a project to apply for a grant! A lot of grants don’t even require you to have a project in order for you to apply. Moreover, many grants can inspire you to start a particular project; for example, a grant that supports Travel And Study for artists can inspire you to think of where you can travel to and study with to advance your artistic development.

    What if I don't find a grant?

    If you don’t find a grant, then it is probably because there are no current grants in our database that match your profile for the time being. But don’t worry! Grantpa will keep all eyes and ears open for you and let you know with any upcoming opportunity you are fit for.

    I am probably not going to win a grant so why even apply?!

    If you’re having this doubt in your head that tells you that it’s not worth the investment to apply for a grant, then shake your head and tell that voice “Shhhhh!”. Artists are encouraged to approach grants with a mindset that believes they deserve to win a grant and get the support needed to pursue their artistic projects and development. A significant number of artists don’t apply for grants because “They think they aren’t going to get it”, so they don’t even try to apply or apply more often! But this is not true!! You will never know before you try. Get yourself out there. Apply with confidence!!!

    Does this mean I will get a grant now?

    No, not necessarily. It is important to manage our expectations. Grantpa doesn’t guarantee you will get a grant, but it does guarantee to make the process of finding, applying for grants, and getting yourself out there in a much easier, faster, and convenient way. You will never know if you will win a grant unless you try. Get yourself out there and apply for multiple grants you’re fit for so your chances of winning increase.

    What if I don't get a grant? Does that mean I am not worth it?

    NO! Rule number 1: Never get discouraged if you don’t win a grant. At Grantpa, we totally understand the frustration of finding and applying for a grant, let alone not winning the grant. Nevertheless, it’s very important to understand that the nature of the grant world is highly competitive, and not winning a grant most likely has nothing to do with your capabilities, but rather other reasons like the relevance of the project, the competition, and the final decision of the panel. Keep applying and trying. Don’t give up. We exist to help you do that in a faster, easier, and less intimidating way

    I want to apply for grants but I don't even know where to begin. How do I start the process?

    This is one of the most common questions for anyone applying to a grant, so don’t worry if you’re asking this question too. At Grantpa, we'd like to help! Feel free to contact us via Chat or Email or Phone and we’ll support you with tips and consultations and other services. we'll try our best to get the process going for you!

    How many grants can I apply to?

    As many as you wish for.

    What do you mean by Grantpa Beta Version?

    This is our test version and not the final version. With this, we aim to learn more about what works best for our artists and hear back from them with any feedback and suggestions. It is also to make sure our system is working in the best way and to keep improving our platform. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us!